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stone of grace

Gemstones meanings

Crystals and Gemstones are minerals in form of crystals or not, carried out of mines from the earth’s womb around the world. They attribute healing qualities and spiritual development as well as luck in various issues in life.

Holding An Aventurine Ball


Aventurine is a green gemstone from the quartz family. Aventurine holds high and intensive energetic frequency. The color range is between light green to dark green and sometimes shade of greyish. Aventurine’s Green color represents the healing nature.

Quartz rose

Rose quartz

Rose quartz Color ranges from pale pink to pink, milky or lightning, sometimes showing her white strips. Forming lumps, pebbles is very common and there are also colonies are rare relative to very high can cost as little. Very familiar common gemstone. its frequency calls all chakras but especially affects the heart and the crown.

Blue Agate

Blue agate

Blue Agate is part of the Agat family, which is a sub family in the quartz family. The appearance of a blue and white lace Reminds us of blue sky and soft clouds. Blue agate is part of the Agat family, which is a sub family in the quartz family along with crystal quartz family

Blue Nebula

Vortex Healing

Vortex Healing is Divine Healing art , which came from the “Merlin dynasty”. This art-healing is designed to transform emotional consciousness, heal the physical body and awake the spirit within human heart, and retrieving Aura balancing .

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