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852 Hz Frequency

852 Hz Frequency is one of six Ancient Solfeggio frequencies which can be used for spiritual development and self healing. 852 Hz Frequency is used for awakening intuition and telepathic communication.

528 Hz Frequency

In recent years, evidences emerging that the 528 Hz frequency is the central frequency in the musical scale, associated with love and significant in mathematics and sacred geometry.

417 Hz Frequency

417 Hz Frequency is one of six healing frequencies which makes a profound positive change within every living organ, even water (check out the crystallization of a water drop resulted by the 417 Hz Frequency located at the bottom of the page).

741 Hz Frequency

741 Hz Frequency is one of  the six ancient solfeggio frequencies. Each and every frequency has its unique properties which can make positive affect, change, and even self healing.

396 Hz Frequency

The 396 Hz Frequency is the “UT” cord in music and is a frequency meditation for liberation from fear. 396 Hz Frequency is one of the ancient lost Solfeggio Frequencies which includes the 528 Hz Frequency, the 639 Hz Frequency, and the 741 Hz Frequency. Two more are the 417 Hz and the 852 Hz. Each frequency influence in it’s own […]

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