528 Hz Frequency

In recent years, evidences emerging that the 528 Hz frequency is the central frequency in the musical scale, associated with love and significant in mathematics and sacred geometry. Based on new scientific areas that are not accessible to the general public yet (but the Internet or in books) we will try to substantiate this claim. Most publications on the subject distributes Dr. Len Horowitz, whom working for several years already to distribute accurate information about developments in medicine, information relating to our health. As in any good story, here are mixed luck, talent, perseverance ability and belief. Dr. Horowitz heard from Dr. Joseph about the Healing frequencies at the same time he was told by Dr. Lorenzn that geneticists and biochemists are using 528 Hz frequency in DNA repair and healing, how? by playing 528 Hz sound frequency to a damaged DNA chain the, than the DNA repaired itself miraculously . This is the time to note that 528 Frequency is the character – MI who is on the solfeggio scale. MI is a shortcut name for Miracle. Also, according to Haltoinger and Schmidt 528 Hz Frequency, is also the Center of the visible light, Center of the Rainbow, the green – yellow color in the center. All nature attuned to this color, everything is green. Additionally according to thr Eastern cultures,heart chakra color is green. Mathematician shawwal Vic shows in hes calculations that the 528 number (as well as all the Solfeggio scale) have deep meaning and dimensions of the pyramids in Egypt and in the recently discovered pyramids on Mars. Dr. Horowitz, attached to Dr. Masaru Emoto to examine the effect of the Solfeggio sound and particulary the 528 Hz Frequency on water. Experiment revealed that when you put a sticker with the 528 Frequency on a water vessel, a Crystal that has created have a perfect casing around, that looks like aura. When he played the 528 Hz frequency the the water, lots of molecules joined together to create a structure of the spectrum, characteristic of Fibonacci series and the golden section. It is known that the heart frequency is the same as earth frequency (7.8 Hz), the additional claim is that 528 Hz is the frequency of love, sunlight Center and the sound heard when our heart is happy. 528 is the frequency that birds attuning to each morning, a Frequency that is transmitted and received by our DNA. Beside healing frequencies theres the Crystals and Gemstones, that have their own frequencies and vibrations and they are best for aura balancing and self healing. There are additional frequencies which may be interesting to you, and you may also want to read up on, for example the 396 Hz Frequency, and the 741 Hz Frequency.

The following image shows the influence of the 528 Hz Frequency on a drop of water.

 image shows the influence of the 528 Hz Frequency on a drop of water.
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