417 Hz Frequency

417 Hz Frequency is one of six healing frequencies which makes a profound positive change within every living organ, even water (check out the crystallization of a water drop resulted by the 417 Hz Frequency located at the bottom of the page).
417 Hz Frequency manifests self healing by promoting and performing change in life(also this frequency  promots the right kind of transmutation), letting go of past believes which still held in your belief system and influencing negatively on life experience in the present and will in the future life. Beside releasing past believes, it also releases past life situations that effects in a bad way in the present life, like behaviors with interaction with other people, or particularly with opposite sex. A use of the 417 Hz Frequency can transform inner “dark energies” into light. This frequency is truly strong and effective, give it a try!
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The following image shows the influence of the 417 Hz Frequency on a drop of water.

417 Hz Frequency - Releasing past life situations and past belifes

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