Aura cleansing bath

Aura cleansing bath

The aura cleansing bath is simple and effective method to help you clean your aura and promote self healing. The combination of some healing elements makes Balancing aura more meaningful and improves energy flow in your Aura chakra system. For this to be affective you’ll need Sea salt, and some free time (approximately 30-60 minutes). To make the experience even stronger you can add some more options, like: Incense, Candles, Bath oil, Healing Frequencies (or meditation/relaxation music), Gemstones(Crystals), Additionally you can combine EFT tapping therapy after or before aura cleansing bath.

The incense that are most appropriate in aura cleansing bath are Patchuli, Frankincense and Dragon’s Blood.
Also you can put gemstones inside the water, or near the bathtub.

After you put the bathtub plug in,go ahead and throw some sea Sault where the water lands  fill the bathtub with hot water (not too hot). After filling the bath to wanted level, go and sprinkle some more sea Sault into the hot water, wait minute or two and than hop in. Most important part in the aura cleansing bath is to be relaxed, the candles, incense and the oil will contribute to your relaxation. Take the time to really enjoy your time alone.

If you want you can now play some Healing Frequencies music or Meditation music, or any other music you really like that calms you. When you are ready, begin Balancing aura by meditation to clean and heal your aura. Now you can open up the bathtub plug and let the water drain out while you lie down and feel the flow of the water. As you feel the water draining away, visualize a black cloud of energy being drawn away from you, feel it swirling away from you, down the drain. Wait until all the water has drained from the tub, and lie down being relaxed a few minutes longer.

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